Views Of Various Train Scales At NMRA 2012

This video takes a look at three different scales of model railroads that were on display at the 2012 National Model Railroad Convention and presented on the layout tour.

Of course, these weren’t they only layouts on display. Scales ranged from the very tiny to those so large they had to be displayed outdoors. The outdoor layouts employed a waterproof sound system with marine speakers like those on this website to provide the proper ambiance.

Of the scales displayed in this video, the first is a look at Gene Heflin’s G scale layout which included some really incredibly detailed farming equipment and an amazing playground complete with children and a moving carousel. The engine produced some great, realistic audio.

Next is Walt Gabehart’s N scale layout. Detailed brick buildings, period automobiles, telephone poles and more highlight this stop on the tour. Also an incredibly detailed yard, makes this a world class layout.

Last is Bob Jackson’s S scale layout. This larger scale is impressive to say the least and allows for even greater detail in all of the models.

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