Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine Interview From The 2012 Convention

In this video, Jeff Schulz from Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine interviews Shane Wilson from Horizon Hobby. He is the product manager from Athearn Trains which is a favorite product line among model railroad enthusiasts. Shane said that one of the company’s new strategies is to make new announcements at the major train shows and conventions.

Shane had two announcements for the 2012 National Convention. The first was a replica of an FGE refrigerator car which has never been mass produced in plastic before. It will be available in an “as delivered” version and also a modernized version depending on which era you would like to represent in your model train. A new feature for this car will be recorded sound specific to refrigerator cars which will play when this model is in action.

Shane also announced production of three new locomotives to be available in 2013.

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